Krisiun - The Great Execution (Century Media)

I like this. A lot.
Release Date: 
31 Oct 2011 - 10:45am

The only thing to say about Krisiun’s The Great Execution is that I fucking LOVE this album. From the flamenco inspired opening of first track The Will To Potency right through to the blasting drums of the closing song Shadows of Betrayal, it’s one long piece of musical joy. So come now, dear reader! Let us dip our ears a little deeper into this thing of rare beauty...

As I said before, The Will To Potency has a flamenco intro ‘That’s odd’, I hear you say but it works well (and for those with a displeasure for flamenco, rest assured; it fades away to be replaced with a violent assault on the drums and guitar. Vocalist and bassist Alex Camargo lays down some deep death metal growling and we’re off on a musical journey to Satanland. There’s only Alex, Moyses Kolesne (guitar) and Max Kolesne (drums) in Krisiun but their sound is way bigger than you’d think from just three musicians; it’s a blur of notes and a battery of drums.

Blood of Lions is relentless. Just fucking awesome raw guitar work. I heard that Krisiun only used analog equipment on this album and you can hear the difference from a lot of digital, over-produced stuff that’s floating about at the moment. All I can say is ‘Crank this bastard up’. The guitars howl like angry wolves in the night and while there is bass, for me, I’d like a smidge more. That’s my only complaint, being a complete bass fiend...

The title track The Great Execution opens with a delightful sojourn around the drum kit and it’s insanely pleasing to my ear; I jump out of bed and run down the corridor of the nursing home (with my knob out, mind!) in sheer exuberance and celebration. During the second half of this song, I seriously thought I was going to burst from the pleasure of listening to it. Three tracks in and I’m loving this album.

Descending Abomination is next; what’s it like? Just. Fucking. Heavy. There’s not one track under five minutes on this album and the louder you play it, the madder you will become. I’ve drawn a graph and everything. It’s all about ratios of volume to madness experienced.  You know how some bands are just trying too hard? Well Krisiun are the real thing. These guys are craftsmen and know when to pull back from the assaulting guitars and it makes the songs all the more heavy for it.

The Extremist has drums like an industrial canning machine having sex with a machine gun. Buy this album NOW! It was produced in Germany with the help of Andy Classen. What more do you need to know?!

The Sword Of Orion opens with some gentle picked guitar, building to a slow boiling track that seethes with darkness. Every time I play this album, it just gets better and better. This track is perfectly paced; speeding up and slowing down exactly where it needs to, and towards the end of the song the flamenco guitar comes back in...and it fucking works!

Violentia Gladiatore has riffs sharp enough to cut your ears off but also shows some groove elements while Rise and Confront made me do exactly that; I rose up and confronted Nurse about my brandy and tobacco shortages (apparently I’m on rations for exposing myself, as explained in The Great Execution)...

Extincao em Massa (‘mass extinction’ for those who don’t speak Portuguese) has Alex laying down some completely nutty vocal lines. I seriously think he must have popped a blood vessel when recording this one, and against the backdrop of instruments; it’s like a war. The last track Shadows of Betrayal has gorgeous drum work and they rise to a crescendo of wailing guitars. Suddenly the album’s over and I’m sad because I want some more...ah well, better put the album on again.