Imperial Vengeance – Black Heart Of Empire (Transcend Records)

The British metal duo is back with an impressively huge sounding second album.
Release Date: 
23 Sep 2011 (All day)

There is the old saying that you learn something new everyday. Well, today I learned that Imperial Vengeance is an awesome band and it's second album Black Heart Of Empire is bloody brilliant.

British duo Imperial Vengeance has managed to combine elements of prog rock, creepy fairground music, orchestras and fearsome metal into not only the album as a whole but nearly every track therein. What’s more, combining all these different elements there is never a feeling of, ‘that was the black metal bit, now I’m going to play some piano.’ Everything fits seamlessly together to create a most impressive album.

The fantastically named tracks such as Of Insect And Allegory and Veiled Threats Over Cocktails match the epic grandeur of the tracks they title. The Ghost Light and final track The Black Idol could be albums on their own; both vastly impressive and imaginative tracks that thanks to the riffing guitars, crashing drums and haunting atmospherics are clearly metal songs but with the added beautiful orchestration they carry an impressive extra layer. The short spoken word sections reminiscent of War of the Worlds along with that shudderingly creepy fairground tune add to the eerie 19th Century Jack The Ripper atmosphere. All of this makes Black Heart Of Empire stand out from so much of what is currently out there. The whole album has a huge sweeping sound that switches between and encompasses a number of different music genres creating one monumental album that deserves to be heard in its entirety. It is definitely a metal album and features some impressive vocals and heavy guitars with some excellent riffs and solos. It’s certainly not an easy going listen but one that is wholly worthwhile. It’s bold, brave and brilliant.