Hot Graves - Necro Mixos Sacrificio (Own Label)

Never judge a CD by its cover. This one is terrible. The music… well…
Release Date: 
8 Apr 2011 - 12:30pm


Hot Graves is a “black/punk” (or so they say) band from US. They have a couple of demos in their curriculum, but now they’ve decided to release an EP with covers of their favorite artists. Why?

I never take cover CDs seriously. But Hot Graves managed to make their tribute, Necro Mixos Sacrificio, something rather interesting.

War = Death 2011 (The Accüsed Cover ) adds nothing to the original, sounding just like a dull opener. It’s not an interesting track.

But What Do I Get  (Discharge Cover) is a more substantial piece, on a par with the original, and this song is really enticing enough to get you into a mosh pit and destroy some shins. Score!

Roky Erickson was never my cup of tea. Yet the band's hardcore version of his hippie rock White Faces is fully creative. They practically removed all the original arrangements and left only the vocal parts. They did exactly the same with Floor cover Scimitar, a kickass punkish version of the drone/doom counterpart. This song particularly sticks right into one’s head and is hard to get out. 

The tune Hot Graves (Midnight cover) is nothing that I would remember and I ask why they named the band after this piece.

The Maggot Medley (covers of Gwar and Cannibal Corpse in the same song) is a bit more memorable. The former is an epitomised version of the original while the latter is pointless. It only gets the chorus of the original in the last 30 seconds.

Now the surprise: Madman (Pentagram cover). Maybe you're a great fan of Pentagram or maybe not. But this version is much better than the original one. Period. The Sabbath-esque vocals are really great, and it makes one want to hear it again and again.

And that’s it. Strange as it can be, Necro Mixos Sacrificio is a good EP, much better than I thought when I saw the horrible artwork. Dude, it’s repulsive. But the question still remains: why?