Gorguts - From Wisdom To Hate (Deepsend)

Re-release of good, honest old death metal
Release Date: 
6 Jun 2011 - 11:30pm

Gorguts, hailing from Quebec in Canada, can probably be considered one of the oldest death metal bands, having forming in 1989 by Luc Lemay, who has remained the only consistent member of the band.  So popular was their first demo, And Then Comes Lividity, that Roadrunner signed them up, before dropping the band in the their great ‘death metal purging’, after only two albums.  It didn’t take long before Gorguts got back on their feet though, and From Wisdom To Hate is their fourth full length, which revealed a completely new line up. 

From Wisdom To Hate is a mixture of the bands first two albums, and their more technical third album, Obscura.  Lemay was the main songwriter of this album, and his style would probably remind one of Pestilence, with a little (earlier) Morbid Angel thrown in for good measure. Quest From Equilibrium, with its haunting, ethereal intro, is a standout track, but overall, this is an album that is made up of great old death metal, the way it was meant to be played. Its great that Deepsend were able to release this, and will bring back fond memories for older fans who were first around when this came out, but will also be a pleaser for younger fans who want to be able to hear older death metal, or at least music that is still considered death metal, instead of most of the rot being put out today.

It should be noted that the band broke up several years after ‘From Wisdom To Hate’ was released, due to the suicide of Steve MacDonald, who had a history of depression.  Having said that, Gorguts reformed in late 2010, and are expected to release a new album sometime this year.  It will be interesting what Lemay and co. come up with, especially after so many years away from the studio.  Either way, you can satiate your thirst with this great re-release.