Don Jamieson - Live and Hilarious (Metal Blade/Riot)

Don Jamieson – host of VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show” and “comedian.” Only one of those statements is true. Guess which one?

Don Jamieson is a New Jersey boy. Bon Jovi comes from New Jersey. What’s the difference between Jamieson and Jovi? Jovi could probably entertain a crowd. That’s not to say everyone in Jamieson’s “Live and Hilarious” aren’t laughing – they lap up his vulgar and impressionable anecdotes that he invariably passes off as “comedy.” If you wanted an explanation as to why, I'd be at a loss to provide you with one.

Host of “That Metal Show” on VH1 Classic in the United States, we accompany Jamieson though his puerile and base attack on Muslims, Jews, Japanese, Mexicans, Goths and any other subculture or race you could care to name – Un-PC can be witty; but if it’s just an endless litany of half-baked observations and patently offensive jibes it really isn’t. He does throw in the occasional nod to 80s metal and even has Bumblefoot on stage to bust out some licks – and you almost wish that Bumblefoot would launch into a screaming solo just so we could be spared another eye-roll inducing story. Oh, did I mention the unsubtle dick and pussy jokes? No? There’s a whole stack of them too. If they were a stack of newspapers they’d be frayed, yellowing and declaring that Reagan is the new President.

I lived in the States for a while and I admit; some of his humor does rely on a fairly thorough “native” knowledge of American culture. I got the bulk of the references but here’s the punchline: It doesn't even matter. They just weren’t funny. Steve Hughes' or Andrew O'Neill's take on metal is funny – Don Jamieson just seems lame and underdeveloped in comparison. Plodding and dated, I just felt this record was an affront to my intelligence. If I could give this zero stars, I would.