Autopsy - Macabre Eternal (Peaceville Records).

I am both shocked and amazed that no one at MaF has already jumped at this… here we go!
Release Date: 
1 Aug 2011 (All day)

Autopsy, the name, the ethos, the cred, the horror!

From my earliest memories of hearing Fiend for Blood back in the womb, I knew that Autopsy would have a lasting effect on my fragile little mind. I awaited each album in anticipation, and besides the sometimes dodgy production of some albums, they always delivered a steadfast and unwavering death metal assault.

After an absence of 16 years and their ‘last’ album Shitfun, I thought is had seen the last of the Californian fiends!

Macabre Eternal is a return to form like no other; it is literally like ‘the best of’ in a new recording. Hints of Severed Survival, Mental Funeral, Acts of the Unspeakable and the aforementioned Shitfun pop up on this album, ahhhhhh!

Opening up with Hand of Darkness you know without doubt Autopsy is here to play….with intestines! For those living under a rock for the last 20 years, Autopsy come from the sludgier/doomier riff driven side of death metal, like Obituary or Grave.

Hereinto the ‘riff’ is king, like the riff on track 3, Always about to Die, that just pummels the point home beautifully and horribly. Track 6 Seeds of the Doomed is another great riff driven tune, whilst track 8 Born Undead is a blue print Autopsy song.

The production on this album is pure and raw, I read a interview with Chris (Reifert, Autopsy eminense grise - Ed)in which he stated he was not going to use triggers for the drums, or over production on any instruments, or over dubs for the vocals, how bloody refreshing!

This album has an amazing live and organic sound, but nothing is lost in the mix. The guitar work of stalwarts Danny Coralles and Eric Cutler is razor sharp, and their solos are truly wondrous. Their ability to switch between an almost haphazard approach to crisp attack is a testament to their heritage in death metal.

The bass work of Joe twangs away, well in the mix and weighs down the bottom end perfectly. Track 9 Sewn into One is a great display of this as he provides a great counterpoint to the bone saw high guitars.

Drumming, lyrics and vocals, enter the Reifert! Again his ability to utterly horrify and offend is nothing short of Nobel Prize for God awfulness winning (and that IS a compliment!). From sounding like he is sleeping on the kit to furious pummelling, Chris takes us on an ‘old school 1-2-3’ tour to writing the hell out of a song!

Eric Cutler also lends lyrics and vocals on Dirty Gore Whore, Sadistic Gratification and Spill My Blood. Adding a further level of creepiness and depravity.

So in closing, to all the un-initiated, get out there and get this one, to all the fans… already have it!