Almah - Motion (AFM)

Solid but always enjoyable power metal from Brazil.
Release Date: 
14 Oct 2011 (All day)

Now three albums in, Almah, which started as a side project for Angra vocalist Edu Falaschi, is undoubtedly a ‘proper’ band. And a bloody heavy one too...

Although there’s just too much class in Edu’s pipes for this band to turn into just another bunch of brainless metal merchants, there are times – during Soul Alight, for instance – when the band really, really puts the pedal to the metal. 2011 has been a great year for heavy, guitar-orientated power metal and Motion is right up there with the best releases of this kind this year. The guitar work from Marcelo Barbosa and Paulo Schrober is at times genuinely exciting to listen to, the alternation between sledgehammer and laser guided surgeons instrument being a delight to the ears; as, of course, is the voice of Edu Falaschi. He’s in peerless form throughout, although he’s at his most impressive on the heavier material where at times he adopts that Geoff Tate styled talk singing style to surprisingly good effect. He stays away for the most part from his higher ranges which I guess adds to the overall feeling of ‘heaviness’ around Motion, whilst on the acoustic material here – the classic eighties acoustic hard rock of Where and Why in particular- his accent, which can be a problem to the English ear sometimes, is barely perceptible.

Great stuff, and I look forward to some live performances next year!