Agnostic Front - My Life My Way (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

One of the biggest names in hardcore raises yet another middle finger to the mainstream
Release Date: 
4 Mar 2011 - 10:30am

With the exception of Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front are one of the the most well known, authentic hardcore bands in existense. For the last thirty years (yup, they've been together longer than a lot of us have been alive) Agnostic Front have been at the forefront of the genre, with twenty-odd albums, EPs and DVDs, plus countless inclusions on compilations under their belt.

Bands such as Hatebreed and Throwdown have migrated to a more traditionally metal sound over recent years, which has been greeted with some resentment from the hardcore faithful, particularly following Throwdown's 2010 album of Pantera B-sides, Deathless. My Life My Way is a 13-track, 35-minute example of how hardcore has evolved but stayed true to it's roots. Now And Forever opens with the lines:

"This is our movement, this is our lifestyle, it's where we belong. We built this together, this is forever, more than a song."

The fact that this album is produced by Freddy Cricien, half brother of Agnostic Front frontman Roger Mirret and vocalist with fellow hardcore stalwarts Madball, adds even more authenticity to the 'stand as one, fuck the rest' attitude of My Life My Way. Vocally, Mirret's instantly-recognisable spitting delivery may not have the same pure punk swagger as in the Victim In Pain days but his belief is still undeniable. Muscially there is a lot more riffing than you'd find in Agnostic Front's earlier ablums but it never once feels like they've forgotten their roots - That's Life is one of the fastest, chunkiest hardcore beatdowns I've heard for some time, with the same fury as the likes of Arson Anthem and Trash Talk and with Us Against The World, crowds will be tearing into each other as they do during favourites such as Gotta Go and For My Family.

My Life My Way is an absolute belter. It's commercially accesible without completely losing the grit and fury that the hardcore scene is known for. Yes theres a bit more double kick that there used to be and there's even a solo or two but this is not metal; this is not trying to be metal. This is hardcore in the 21st century. With newer bands like Cancer Bats and Your Demise delivering absolutely excellent hardcore albums in 2010, this year Agnostic Front are showing everyone how it should be done.

My Life My Way is out on March 4th via Nuclear Blast