Wormrot - Abuse (Earache/Riot)

Horrible noise and absolute nonsense from the Far East...
Release Date: 
5 Apr 2010 (All day)


Sometimes music is more than a collection of instruments playing together. It becomes a teaching; a lesson, if you will, in any number of theoretical and physical practices. This cerebral quality can be found in the most unlikely places, most definitely not including Wormrot's latest album Abuse.

Singapore may not be a particularly prevalent player on the grind scene but from savage artwork to 12-second songs, Wormrot means business. Abuse is a 23-song battering of grind mayhem. Musically, it's comparable to early Napalm Death but with song titles such as So Fierce For Fuck the closest parallels can be drawn with recent releases on Nuclear Blast's sister label Anstalt, particularly Bakteria's Defecate! Suffocate! Mutilate! Masturbate! (which included the seminal Shit On My Pubes).

As with most extreme grindcore, the lyrics are completely unintelligible, but Arif's vocal delivery is impressive, as is the musicianship of drummer Fitri and guitarist Rasyid.

Songs like Fuck...I'm Drunk showcase Wormrot's ability to slow the pace and take themselves in a more punky direction, but there true strength is in the fasty nasty, perfectly exemplified in Overgrown Asshole.

As with Back From The Goats from fellow grinders Milking The Goatmachine, this album is pretty fucking retarded. If you're not a grind fan, this will be one of the worst things you've ever heard. If you are though, it's pure beer swilling, pit stomping fun. 

Abuse is out on April 5th through Earache/Riot.