Tarot - Gravity of Light (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Crushtor writes an open letter to frontman and bass/acoustic guitarist of Tarot, Mr. Marco Hietala about his new record, Gravity of Light.
Release Date: 
7 Jun 2010 (All day)

Dear Marco Hietala,

First of all, let me say I'm a big fan of Tarot. I loved Suffer Our Pleasures. I thought Crows Fly Black was pretty good, but not as blinding as Suffer - needless to say I was excited you were taking some time out from Nightwish and Northern Kings AND your Black Sabbath cover band to record another Tarot album.

I love the fact you've brought back that searing thrash sound and beefy ultra-metallic riffs all topped off with your booming voice that sounds as epic as ever. Satan Is Dead is a real ripper, dude - It's killer with all of your headbanging choruses and demonic chanting - it's great. But I guess you didn't get my last letter. It told you in all honesty that your "second vocalist" Tommi “Tuple” Salmela, who I'm sure was a great roadie and sample artist but is no good as a vocalist. You insist on him singing the verses on Hell Knows, which sounds great and powerful and brooding as a groovy riff feast but seriously, Mr. Hietala, you sing rings around him. He's a cheap, Finnish ripoff of Ozzy Osbourne; and I mean that in the worst way possible. It's like you're a huge, 100" Sony plasma TV and he's a 14" CRT made in Mongolia with the brand name "Panosonikk" or something. Even in the duets, you soar above him and it's just bad form.. .for him.

When you do your 80s inspired hard rock lick tradeoffs with your brother Zachary like on Rise! it sounds cool with all those walls of keyboards and what not, but that idiot Samela just has to open his damn gob, doesn't he? The old school rock n' roller The Pilot of All Dreams has that pounding bass line that I can't get out of my head, and Magic and Technology is one of those eerie, spooky tracks that you're so good at writing! I rather liked that one. I Walk Forever? So anthemic! How do you do it, mate? The epic closer Gone starts off with those downcast acoustic guitars but then it builds into this grandiose, blues-inspired guitar lead fest. Brilliant slabs of heavy metal there, mate!

I really like this record Marco, it's much better than Crows Fly Black - that one was kinda lacking in the creativity department if you ask me. This one really is a return to form. If you only locked Tommi back in the amp case whenever he tried to sing, it would've made this one perfect! Well, better than it already is, anyway.

Yours in metal,


Gravity of Light will be released on Nuclear Blast/Riot, on 8 June.