Se Bon Ki Ra - One Thousand Ways To Die (Independent)

Like your groove metal in the vein of say Lamb Of God? Well, Se Bon Ki Ra delivers a five-shot knockout of groove laden metal that will pound your ears into submission.

As with a lot of countries around the world, the metal scene in Australia is thriving quite well and gets bigger with many new bands from different metal walks of life arriving on the scene. Se Bon Ki Ra are an Adelaide melodic/groove metal quintet whose styles tends towards the more modern sound in their latest EP release One Thousand Ways To Die (Independent).

Within its 24+ minute timeframe, One Thousand Ways To Die has five songs geared towards the current metal scene that is selling albums and venues out worldwide. The cuts range from an octane-fuelled thrashing opener Lesser Than to melodic infused title track One Thousand Ways To Be, an old school thrasher in Deconstruction Therapy to old Killswitch Engage like sound in Shades Of Hate.

On the production side of things, One Thousand Ways To Die sounds quite professional and each instrument breathes quite easily within the mix. The band is tight in its performance, and if they consider utilising an overseas mixer or producer, its sound could only get better.

A constant that One Thousand Ways To Die seems to have is a very similar sound overall. It does have its little variations, but their next release would benefit with mixing things up a little bit and incorporate something completely unexpected that has not been done to death, like, say, Chimaira's samples and electronica, which has its role without being overly dominant. Se Bon Ki Ra seem to be on the right path by playing the style of metal that a lot of people seem to support en masse; and with the right exposure and right label backing & marketing, Se Bon Ki Ra could become somewhat of a big name in Australia and possibly even abroad.

If you like your melodic/groove metal, Se Bon Ki Ra is definately worth your time checking it out. If you fall into a more traditional metal approach, it may take you a few listens to get into what is on offer.

Se Bon Ki Ra's One Thousand Ways To Die is available through the band's website.