Kommandant - Kontakt (Planet Metal)

Everybody thought gas mask cult was dead and gone. After hearing Kontakt you’ll think twice before messing with these guys.

It was the beginning of 1990s and death metal bands like Blasphemy dominated the scenario with devastating albums like Gods of War, particularly influential to the style that would be called War Metal in the future. Years later it seems that this kind of sound is back with bands like Proclamation, Blasphemophager, etc.

Hailing from the USA and carrying the war that has been waged for years, Kommandant is back with their third opus: the EP Kontakt. If you’re really akin to the underground death/black metal you have heard of them. If not this is your chance.

Other than their war metal matches, Kommandant brings a more technical death metal approach within 20 minutes of nuclear devastation. But with the very same evil intention to bring the humanity down.

After the intro KK66N6ZT, the track Anti-Human Nemesis starts the warlike binge with riffs that are a bit like Krisiun. Along with black metal vocals and extreme velocity scourging the ears with rapid breaks from time to time, the music only gives the false hope that the unremitting destruction can rapidly come to an end. The vocal lines are very rough and impressive, and it’s almost impossible not to bang your head with this methodic, cold and calculated assault.

The track Codex Gigas is not so fast. At least in the first part of the song. The tempo is slower, but don’t be fooled again: as long as you think there is a truce, Kommandant bring its blitzkrieg back even more harmful than the first track. The riffs are perfect and the black/death metal makes you feel even more triumphant over your enemies.

Der Maschineraum gives you no rest. But this time the band sounds like a death metal version of Dark Funeral and this is NOT only a figure of speech. However it seems diverse rather than diverging. The cohesion is kept all the way.

Sulphur Chariot  links all the aforementioned elements into one single track. The best song of the EP, it grinds what remains of your brain with its battering ram.

The unbridled extermination of the track The Genesis Reaktor is the conclusion of the genocide. The riffs are even more killer as if it was the last advise before the imminent nuclear winter.

The production of the material is perfect, organic, there are no flaws. If you haven’t heard of Kommandant before, you certainly will soon. This band is showing little by little the resurrection of the old gas mask cult. An excellent appetiser.

Kommandant's Kontakt is out now on Planet Metal