Evarest - Fear (Farvahar Records)

Evarest's debut album is an overdose of speed metal: mixed with speed solos and clear precise vocals.


Evarest are a speed metal group from the Czech Republic, and is comprised of band members Eva on vocals, Olaf on bass and backing vocals, Pepa and Tom on guitar and Libor on drums. The band's debut album Fear is a treat for the ears. Eva has a no-nonsense, powerful voice. And each song is supported by speed riffs and drums from the rest of the band.

Intro is quite epic in it's feel as a purely instrumental intro. When Eva breaks into song in Searching For Lost Times you get the full force of the band's ability. Clear, crisp vocals, romantic lyrics, and the speed metal sitting behind to knock you back into reality.

For Goddamned Love has an epic opening with orchestral keyboards and solo guitar lasting a full minute before the vocals start introducing us to a ballad of wind-machine proportions. You know, the type with strong metal backgrounds and Bonnie Tyler-esque woman central screen, with the wind blowing her brightly coloured hair... anyway this is maybe a little OTT for 2010...

Almost all of the songs on this album are long, but Requiescat is by far the longest at 7:37. Another song with a long intro this time reaching almost two minutes before there is the sound effect of a young child crying. Why oh why would you do that?! It's an horrendous sound at the best of times and will now leave me with no choice but to skip this song in future. This is a shame because once the vocals start (at almost three minutes!) you find that Eva is joined by bassist Olaf who adds a new level to the vocals; his voice is quite haunting and it's an enjoyable listen.

Overall this is a good album with a few kinks, but it's nothing fatal!

Evarest's debut is out now on Farvahar Records.