Voivod - Infini (Relapse/Riot)

Voivod's final album is more than just a tribute, it's a final trip down this unique road of metal that have made Voivod legends of metal.

When founding Voivod member and guitarist, Denis 'Piggy' D'Amour, died from cancer in 2005, he requested that the band make one last album using songs he had already laid down. Their last album Katorz was part one and Infini is the final part of this request. After a few years spent building full songs around Piggy's recordings, Infini is now ready for public consumption.

There is something special about Infini. It can't have been easy creating the album around recordings but taking Treasure Chase as an example they have pulled it off, and with style. Jason Newsted, of Metallica fame, also stands out with bass lines thrown into the forefront of the music:the opener God Phones and Krap Radio highlight Newsted's skill and ripping bass lines.

I can't talk about Voivod without mentioning Denis 'Snake' Belanger's vocals. Always unique and unusual, his vocals on Infini are no exception. Singing lyrics with Sci Fi undertones, Snake has found a balance between his nasal sound and the gritty delivery that just reinforces the lyrics he is singing. His performance is outstanding on the whole album, but must be especially noted on Earthache.

Voivod have spent 25 years making music that doesn't properly conform to any labels that people want to throw at them, they've evolved, stayed unique and created a following of loyal fans that most bands can only dream of. Infini may be their final album, but, despite a few weaker moments, it will live on for all time as an example of true musicianship and a tribute to a most amazing guitarist.

Voivod's Infini is out now on Relapse/Riot.