Dr. Slaggleberry - The Slagg Factory (Crash Records/PlasticHead)

The Slagg Factory, third album by British trio Dr. Slaggleberry is a polyphonic package of psychadelic math-metal. Just a small treat for your ears, at less than 22 and a half minutes length: a whimsical, instrumental treat of complexity and distortion.

Dr. Slaggleberry is an unusually structured band with no bass or vocals but rather two versatile guitarists who cannot be categorised as lead or rhythm, and an equally versatile and skilled drummer. Both guitarists, Turnbull and Pethers, were previously drummers and have become skilled at playing kooky, strongly distorted strings that evoke a psychadelic, Hendrixesque feel. The drummer-still-drumming of the trio, Bateman, provides an unconventional, ever-changing beat that melds perfectly with the electrics. The result is a discordant delight with a strong sense of rhythm: a complex tangle of ear-catching, repeating phrases and time signature changes.

The opening Feed Me A Stray Cat, and 13 Grades of Filth deliver an onslaught of intricately calculated chaos; 8 4 5 introduces a surreal mellowness that ends in crashing cacophony; Bastard Brew sends a spiral of sound, not quite siren like, burrowing into your brain; and Gone Devil completes the five-track offering with the spirals of sound receding to swirls of yet more chaos.

While you can hear the influences of Primus and Mr. Bungle this band creates a unique flavour all their own. The lack of vocalist means there is no superfluous voice distracting from the elaborate music. Though what really makes this band stand out from its peers is the complexity and intricacy of the rhythm.

Harmony and eccentricity are well-balanced. Dr. Slaggleberry create music not as out of this world as the likes of Fantomas or Secret Chiefs 3; their intense offering flirts with insanity without totally succumbing to it.

My biggest complaint is that it ends all too quickly – like a rich, delicious dessert that just leaves you wanting more. My ears were sad it was over. So treat your ears to the rich, delicious delights of the Slagg Factory: dessert for the mind.

Dr Slaggleberry's The Slagg Factory is out now on Crash Records.