Release Reviews

Old school Morbid Angel fans rejoice - the pioneers are back!
Relentless.... Imperiously relentless
The album focuses on Embrace the Dawn’s trademark progressive style....
Waters has now brought some fresh talent into the band, one being bassist Rich Hinks, who helped in writing and producing For The Demented throughout its development
Death metal titans Cannibal Corpse take no prisoners with their fourteenth album Red Before Black.
This Album should ease the minds of all fans that this album was either the rebirth or death of GWAR
Melbourne's Hybrid Nightmares release impressive debut album Almagest.
One of the most talked about and highly anticipated albums has finally dropped, and what do we have to say about it? It was worth the wait.
Rough Times address the dark uncertainty that lingers in our modern times with a raw heaviness that drags the listener from catharsis to peace.