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Amon Amarth, The HiFi Bar, Brisbane, 13th April 2012

Returning to our shores on the back of the awesome 2011 album Surtur Rising, Sweden's viking metal gods Amon Amarth played to a packed house in Brisbane.

Napalm Death with Dying Fetus Australian Tour September 2010

Soundworks Touring & presents Napalm Death with guests Dying Fetus for the their Australian Tour September 2010. Tickets on sale this Thursday May 6th
Tour Dates: 
01/09/2010 - 05/09/2010

Napalm Death - 28 years of grindcore ultra-violence, 28 years of being one of the hardest working, hardest touring bands on this miserable planet, 

Nile Australian/New Zealand tour May 2010 - support acts announced

Nile with Abigail Williams & Hate Eternal Australian/New Zealand Tour
Nile with guests Abigail WIlliams and Hate Eternal

Auckland – Perditionist <

Two Days of No Grays - Sonata Arctica's Henkka Klingenberg

Sonata Arctica have never been to Australia before, let alone an Australian international metal festival. Keyboardist Henkka Klingenberg gives us the skinny on their upcoming tours, their new album and their... video game?

Back in the day, as many a lion-maned power metal enthusiast could attest, Finland's Sonata Arctica was the band that so many turned to when they wanted a power ballad of epic