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The Fall of Summer festival - the ins and outs
We may be in the middle of winter, however the climate for heavy metal has never been hotter...
The United Nations of Heavy Metal... at Sea
If you love it. If you live it. You can write it!
Damn... I don't even know where to start but it's going to be brutal
This weeks edition of the ticket stub involves heavy metal bands, fancy that!
It seems the entire Metal catalogue is on tour! Metal aint just tugging at those purse strings, they're ripping at them... So get out there and support Australia!
More metal than you can poke a drum stick at...
The Weekly Ticket Stub aaaaand Fun Facts about Anaal Nathrakh
There is a reason it is Global Metal... This week Metal As Fuck are reporting from all venues and festival grounds; we have hitters on the fields in Scotland, punters hitting Sydney this week and a wrap from the alps at Full Metal Mountain...