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Aussie prog rockers about to take the world by storm
Australian thrash grind miscreants, King Parrot, will return to the stage this March on another North American rash of live devastations.
'In practice Iron Reagan are way more than just a super group project. They have toured the world several times over levelling audiences with their furious live show'...
The new studio abum celebrating the bands 50th stage anniversary includes the single We Built This House
Nuclear Blast Entertainment is proud to announce the signing of progressive death metal masters, Fallujah!
Exorcism continues along the path and legacy of bands like Black Sabbath and Dio, while taking a more modern approach.
Heavy metal powerhouse Armageddon announce plans for a North American tour next month.
Better late than never they say! The promoters took their time to digest the after effect of the successful 2014 festival and to focus on the 2015 lineup. Following the wish list their fans made and blending in some of their own personal favourites, Breaking Waves are pleased to announce the 2015 lineup!
Big Just Got Bigger...
Symphonic Metal Masters Kamelot entered the studio in mid 2014 to begin recording their follow-up to the highly acclaimed chart topping album Silverthorn.