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Returning to North America for a 17 date jaunt
Last of Our Kind is the meaty and impassioned follow-up to 2012’s Hot Cakes, which saw the band reunited having enjoyed a well-publicised and well-deserved hiatus.
Ark crawls along the bottom of humanity's vast ocean of misery through six masterfully arranged tracks of funeral doom.
Over 20 years? Isn´t it too long? Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench!
This gig is guaranteed to make you bleed
Get excited kids, artwork and track listing revealed!
They've run out of fucks so hope Highrospliffics will refill their fuck quota...
Warm up show for festival appearance, where you get to help choose the set list
The 7" is limited to 500 copies worldwide: 100 copies in red vinyl only available during the Decibel Magazine tour; 400 black copies available through and select metal stores. The red version will be available starting March 27th at the tour's first show in Los Angeles; the release date for the black version is set for April 6th in Europe and April 7th in North America.
Swedish metal legends At The Gates will headline Damnation Festival in their only UK show of 2015.