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Krisiun is confirmed for various European shows and festivals this summer, followed by a North American co-headlining tour with Origin in September/October. See below for all upcoming dates!
A festival presumably themed around vikings getting blotto on mead and beer (which works for us!)
The beer will be coming out this August to commemorate the release of the bands highly anticipated new album Of Ghosts And Gods (due out July, 31st worldwide). It will be available in Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland in the first month with plans to release it and distribute it across Europe, Canada and the States for this (Northern) Autumn.
Europe getting a dose of doom during November
Think you know Hellbastard? You know nothing, as Feral has just rewritten the band in vivid shades of scarlet and gold.
Australian thrash/death metallers announce European support slot
Those purveyors of evil are set to release their third full length and tour the US
New Album, The 25th Hour, In Stores August 7
For those sitting on the fence about turning up, Graves provides the sugar on top!
The boys looking to get Hammered Again in Europe