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Last LP, The Saviours Slain, is still available through AFM Records worldwide
The Boys Are Coming Home!!
Expect intimate, expect sweaty, expect loud. Expect to hear all of Themata – Just don't expect to see it in Canberra....
Fire up for an evening of craft beer and great bands Melbourne
Australia’s premier thrash/grind miscreants, the mighty King Parrot, have signed to EVP Recordings for Australia and will release their new album in May.
Big night ahead for all you Perth bangers at the Amplifier Bar, kick arse lineup!
Zombie Ghost Town is taken from debut album Transitions, which is available for download on iTunes.
Ark crawls along the bottom of humanity's vast ocean of misery through six masterfully arranged tracks of funeral doom.
Warm up show for festival appearance, where you get to help choose the set list
Quick to dispense with formulaic rhythms and time signatures, Red Bee creates every one of their songs differently. An incredibly tight live band, Red Bee is explosive, atmospheric and energetic; they blow the minds of their audiences and leave them with sore neck muscles the next morning.