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Perth is in for a shit hot time on 27 February as two of the states best metal exponents warm up for gigs in Jakarta
Over the next few weeks the band will unveil a video in anticipation of the release. As yet, no release dates for the new album have been given.
Experimental progressive death metal from Western Australia
The tour will hit Geelong, Bendigo, Melbourne, Sydney, Penrith, Brisbane and the Gold Coast in a bid to destroy minds and eardrums. They will be joined by local supports and more on the tour.
Belle Haven will release the second single The Looking Glass on the 13th February...
It's a huge March tour for Psycroptic with some killer local supports.
Aussie prog rockers about to take the world by storm
'In practice Iron Reagan are way more than just a super group project. They have toured the world several times over levelling audiences with their furious live show'...
Big Just Got Bigger...
With a sound that combines the uncompromising brutality of death and black metal Ascension will appeal to listeners of bands such as Behemoth, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Fleshgod Apocalypse.