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The Smashing First Release for the bands highly anticipated 5th album Her Halo...
Hitting Australia on the way!
The King is dead... Long live the Queen!
The Brisbane progsters are in for a busy few months...
It's all happening for these South Australian hopefuls!
In their tenure as one of Australia's most high-energy and well respected punk/rock acts, The Wrath have broken down barriers between genres - they get love in the punk, rock, metal, rockabilly, hardcore, goth and industrial realms.
Serious Beak are a progressive metal band that makes the human race cry a thousand tears of joy and confusion. Watch their crowdfunding video below!
Oh yes - more chances to secure free stuff with Metal as Fuck!
New album Proliferation to be released September 18 - on tour with King Parrot
One of the most accredited, acclaimed and awesome musicians musicians, the great Tony MacAlpine will be touring Australia in October!