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New album Proliferation to be released September 18 - on tour with King Parrot
One of the most accredited, acclaimed and awesome musicians musicians, the great Tony MacAlpine will be touring Australia in October!
Hailmary have worked hard touring Australia over the past three and a half years and feel that the timing is perfect to unleash their live shows to fans in the UK.
Australian prog rockers also confirm Australian and European tours
Pre order the CD or 2LP and receive one pack of 40 count 1 1/4" unbleached rolling papers in custom album art packaging.
Whoretopsy… sick, brutal, disgusting, hilarious slamming brutal death metal from Melbourne, Australia.
One giant of the scene drops out of the tour only to be replaced by another!
Plus free posters to remember the night by!
Ladies and gentlemen, raise your mead horns and toast a very big anniversary!
Calling all prospective contributors - get involved today!