The Omniclasm Australian & New Zealand Tour Is Approaching Fast!

Are you addicted to Thrash??

THRASH ATTACK! If head snapping riffs, mosh stomping beats & loud, drunken, rowdy shows whet your metal appetite, then this banger is for you. 

LICH KING (USA) tour our region for the first time belting out grade-A, unapologetically straight-forward thrash metal in the vein of the 80's Bay Area bands such as Exodus, Slayer, and Vio-lence. To date, the band has released five critically acclaimed full-length albums, each of which feature fast, headbangable riffs in modern stomp anthems and a sometimes comedic yet always violent songwriting sensibility. It is popular opinion that LICH KING have been defying public opinion, lampooning the self-righteous, and generally snapping necks with their furious brand of thrash metal."

Cut The Shit video 

Joining the furious ride is Adelaide's thrash bangers Hidden Intent. Like the riotous music they play, Hidden Intent have been carving their way through the masses with their unabashedly unapologetic ‘80s-throwback thrash metal, a form of music that wholly embraces its American and European roots in the Bay Area, Scandinavian and Teutonic thrash scenes. Being lauded for their “energetic” live show and the “party thrash” they play for their audiences, they combine with LICH KING for what will be the most thrashable tour of the year!!!

Addicted to Thrash video 

LICH KING (USA) and HIDDEN INTENT performing at:

Jan 31st - Warnambool - The Loft

Feb 1st - Ballarat - The Eastern

Feb 2nd - Melbourne - Bendigo Hotel

Feb 3rd - Churches of Steel Fest Adelaide - Producers Bar 

Feb 4th - ARMI Clinic - Adelaide

Feb 7th - Albury - Albion Hotel

Feb 8th - Canberra - The Basement

Feb 9th - Wollongong - Rad Bar

Feb 10th - Newcastle - The Small Ballroom 

Feb 11th - Sydney - Frankies Pizza

Feb 15th - Lismore -  Tatts Hotel

Feb 16th - Gold Coast - Miami Shark Bar

Feb 17th - Brisbane - The Back Room

Feb 22nd - Auckland - Whammy Bar

Feb 23rd - Christchurch - Dark Room

Feb 24th - Wellington - Valhalla Tavern