Oh yes - more chances to secure free stuff with Metal as Fuck!

Skint? Just too busy recently to sit down and order tickets and fearing your might have missed out on securing admittance to the What Should Not be Unearthed Australian Tour, featuring Nile, Unearth, Feed Her to the Sharks and Whoretopsy?

It's an uncomfortable feeling, God knows... so once again we've teamed up with the fine, fine people at Soundworks Touring to offer you the chance to help yourself to a FREE double pass to each one of the shows on the upcoming tour, those dates being: 

Nov 19, Max Watts, Brisbane 18+

Nov 20, Manning Bar, Sydney 18+

Nov 21, The Corner Hotel, Melbourne 18+

Nov 22, Capitol, Perth 18+

NOTE: We are not offering tickets to the all ages show in Melbourne on November 21. And to add insult to that particular injury, our competition is only open to over-eighteens this time around. Sorry kids...

All you have to do is write to us at the usual competition address - - telling us which show you want to attend. Obviously you need to be able to get to that show and home again under your own steam. Winners will be notified after competition's close on midnight on Augst 21st. 

All clear? Good. So here's a bit of an audio audio-visual warm up to get you in mood for whichever of the shows you're about to win tix for - good luck!