Soundwave Cancellations Announced

If you were hoping to see Evergreen Terrace or Rival Sons at Soundwave you're going to be dissapointed

Evergreen Terrace cancels all upcoming performances including Soundwave Festival 2015

Soundwave Festival is hugely disappointed to announce that hardcore/metalcore outfit Evergreen Terrace will no longer be gracing out shores when, in just over a weeks time, Soundwave 2015 will kick off on Saturday February 21st and Sunday February 22nd.

In a statement from the festival promoters, the cancellation of the bands shows is due to the recent injury sustained by drummer, Alex Varian. 'Evergreen Terrace’s drummer has fallen off a ladder and sustained serious injuries. They have cancelled all shows including SW15,'

In related news, Rival Sons have canceledl upcoming shows including their stint at Soundwave Festival 2015. Here's their official statement:

'Attention to our highly esteemed and very patient Australian fanbase:  It brings us no pleasure to announce that we are not able to play the SoundWave festival this year. We've been waiting years to see you, years and this was going to be such a great line up. We had every intention of coming to you and take full responsibility for any disappointment. The good news? A child has been born to the Rival Sons family. Even though we collectively thought it to be sufferable, we've found that taking our brother away from his wife and newborn so soon ultimately defies our personal ethics as a band. We can assure you that it is our utmost desire to get Down Under to give you what you have so patiently waited for.  We wholeheartedly beg your understanding and forgiveness on this matter. Our warmest regards to you,'