Prime Cuts Music presents Claim The Throne 10 year anniversary tour

Ladies and gentlemen, raise your mead horns and toast a very big anniversary!

Ten years ago, in a galaxy far far away.... Well, Perth... 5 drunkards with an urge for triumph raided the local scene claiming to play a heavy brand of folk metal. It was a genre making waves in Europe, but it's place in Australia was unheard of. Nonetheless, Claim The Throne made their presence felt very quickly with a stage show that included axes & swords, chainmailed singers, cloaked guitarists, cooked meals, and a lot of booze flowing from the funnel techs, with a sound featuring catchy keyboards and acoustic guitars entwined with blackened death.

Since then, the band has 4 highly acclaimed releases, a shitload of hilarious memories, and toured endlessly sharing Perth metal with the world!

Expect an extended set with songs from every Claim The Throne release, plus all the antics you've grown to know and love.

July 31: Amplifier Bar, Perth
Aug 21: Osaka, Japan
Aug 22: Nagoya, Japan
Aug 23: Tokyo, Japan
Sep 4: The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney
Sep 5: Hell On The Bay, Melbourne
Sep 6: Barwon Club, Geelong