Metal as Fuck welcomes new Editor!

The King is dead... Long live the Queen!

Following the recent sale by Radar Media of Australian web-base heavy metal magazine Metal as Fuck, incumbent editor Scott Adams has decided to relinquish control of the ever-more cluttered MaF office to current Associate Editor, Carrie Gibson...

“I’ve been in this game nearly thirty years, man and boy…” blubbed a clearly-emotional Adams, “…and this change of leadership at board-level clearly presented an opportunity for me to step down and pursue other interests, whilst still being on hand in a back seat capacity for a while to offer unhelpful comments”

Adams continued “Carrie will be familiar to all of you who’ve been on board alongside us on the MaF journey over the last few years, and is well placed to steer the ship into exciting, hopefully nu-metal free waters. The magazine is on the up-and-up and she has just the skills needed to take MaF to where it needs, and deserves to be".

New editrix Gibson added: "The adoration I have for Metal As Fuck is palpable. I love heavy metal; everything about it, so to take on the role of Editor is a great privilege. I would like to thank Scott for his commitment over the years and all his wisdom during the transition".