Sepultura Australian Tour Announced

The Spirit of Sepultura Is Alive & Well...

A band with humble economic beginnings whose musical identity was forged in the context of living through Brazil's authoritarian military dictatorship, Sepultura would go on to become Brazilian ambassadors to the metal world, revered master architects of the death/thrash genre, and the most successful and influential heavy metal band from the Federal Republic of Brazil.

Fast forward to 2013 and Sepultura released one of the most deadly and critically acclaimed albums The Mediator Between The Head & Hands Must Be The Heart and despite having experienced enough lineup changes and genre alterations to keep fans on their toes, the band's longevity is also cemeted by the blistering live performances that have remained a constant threat to all contemporaries.

2014 is a year to remember. It marks not only three decades of the mighty Sepultura's solid career, throned among the best of the best, but also the sole, undisputed leaders of Brazilian metal's long overdue return to Australia, 11 years later!

Wednesday 1 October - The Studio, Auckland

Friday 3 October - 170 Russell (Ex Billboard) Melbourne

Saturday 4 October - HiFi, Brisbane

Sunday 5 October - Manning Bar (Sydney) *Labour Day Eve

On sale 9am Thursday 22 May 2014