Den Saakaldte:Plans to re-release "All Hail Pessimism" and record new album announced.

A re-release heralds a new beginning...

Norwegian black metallers Den Saakaldte are having a busy schedule ahead. All Hail Pessimism - the band's debut album - is finally being released by Agonia Records on February 17th, for the first time in LP format. The band is to enter the studio in February, as well, for the recording of their long-awaited new album, Kapittel II: Faen i Helvete. Kim+Trine (Darkthrone, Thou Shalt Suffer, Ved Buens Ende, Mayhem) have taken responsibility of the layout and artwork for this new release. The final street date for Kapittel II: Faen i Helvete is yet to be announced.

All Hail Pessimism will be re-released on 250 limited edition black and coloured Gatefold 2 LP vinyls. First 50 copies come as deep purple vinyl and 200 copies as black vinyl (pre-order:

Commented the band: "When Niklas (Shining/vocals) decided no longer to continue with the band, many things passed from our minds…even just dropping the whole damn thing off. After the band discussing and coming to the conclusion that all the members wanted Den Saakaldte to continue being active as a way of artistic expression but also as in a lifestyle attitude for us, we decided that certain things had to be put down and start all over again. Agonia Records has been following our ways and sharing our ideas on how things should be, and gave us the opportunity to built the foundations for Kapittel II: Faen i Helvete on solid ground. We are looking forward to start with the recordings, and we are even more excited to hear soundscapes, having now Eldur (also known as Einar Thorberg, who is vocalist also in the band Fortíð) as frontman."