Art as Catharsis Records: New Hardcore Sampler Available!

Dig in! It's All Free!

Sydney-based record label Art As Catharsis is greatly contented to bring you Distortion and Dissonance: a free digital sampler of Australia's best hardcore bands (with a few New Zealand additions for good measure).

These 17 bands were hand-picked by Art As Catharsis to help promote Australia’s incredibly strong hardcore scene. The sample includes tracks from Totally Unicorn, Idylls, In Trenches, Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt, Machina Genova, Snakes Get Bad Press, Ache and many more.

“Australia has such a strong underground hardcore scene” says Lachlan Dale, the man behind Art As Catharsis. “There are some bands right up there with some of the big international names - Gaza, Converge, The Chariot, and The Dillinger Escape Plan.” 

He continues “I want to help those Australian bands get their names out there; for more people to hear to what this country has to offer. These bands deserve more attention from the international scene.I truly believe Australia is a hot bed for challenging, experimental, progressive and psychedelic music. That is why Art As Catharsis exists - it’s our mission to help spread our love of Australian music.”

Listen to a stream of the whole thing below, then go over to the Art as Catharsis Bandcamp page and download the album - it's yours to keep, and cherish, forever...

Track listing:

Idylls - Animal Test

Totally Unicorn - Guts

Snakes Get Bad Press - No Secret

Tanned Christ - Provider

Jxckxlz - The Madman Is Me

Gvrlls - The Death of a Bridge

Ache - Sorry... 

Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt - Within 

In Trenches - An Impending Collapse 

Thorax - Shit Chute to Oblivion

régresser - A Black Cloud 

Fvck Mountain - The Guilty Thirty-Eight 

Parents - Dissent 

Graves - Insect 

Marathon - In Shadows 

Ritual Harm - When Day Fades to Night and Push Becomes Shove 

Machina Genova - Courtaud