Vic Records Announce Exciting new Projects

A cavalcade of old school death metal fun!

Introducing a pure old school death metal project featuring underground DM master Rogga Johansson on guitars and bass (Paganizer/Ribspreader, The Grotesquery) and true extreme metal legend Paul Speckmann on vocals (Master, Death Strike, Abomination)! This unique cooperation  resulted in 12 Pure old school death metal tracks. This amazing debut album is called Sulphur Skies. Cover art and booklet are underground to the bone, black and white and as obscure as possible.  Drums and production were undertaken by Norwegian drum wizard  Brynjar Helgetun (The Grotesquery, Ribspreader). Release date 10 June! 

And talking of Master, on December 31, 1984 the Chicago based metal act signed with US metal label Combat Records (Death, Possessed) and soon afterwards started recording what should have been the band’s first full length album. Due to inseparable differences over the negotiations with Combat and mainly drummer Bill Schmidt's insecurities, the contract was torn up. The 1985 album recordings were tape-traded in the underground scene, serving as a heavy influence for many (later) important bands from the death, black and thrash metal scene. The album will be released exclusively for Vic records with newly painted cover art by Richard Schouten (Achrostichon, Pentagram, Abomination), a newly designed booklet and liner notes  from Paul Speckmann and rare mid 80’s Master pictures. It too is out on June 10th.