Iron Witch: EP to Get Cassette Re-Release

'Single Malt' to see the light of day again...

UK sludge masters Iron Witch will be re-releasing their EP Single Malt on cassette tape through Washington based label Opaques Records.

In case you missed it the first time around, Single Malt was released originally by UK based label Witch Hunter Records last August.

To get an idea of Iron Witch's sound, take into consideration a review of their  2010 demo which said, “The foundation of their rotten sludge is the riff worship of bands like Black Sabbath, Sleep and St Vitus, but with the influence of Black Flag sitting underneath to give that nihilistic air that permeates most of Eyehategod's output. This is the soundtrack to alligator wrestling in a Louisiana swamp, cheered on by a rowdy mob of whisky-fuelled reprobates.”

There is no doubt that one listen of Iron Witch's Single Malt will have you mistaking their Liverpool roots for southern roots