High on Fire: Australian Tour Supports Named!

Summonus and Shellfin the lucky bands!

Yup, we've been waiting like you to find out who'd be on one of the most exciting bills of the year, and now we know...

Forming in 2007, Summonus incorporate doom metal, sludge, stoner rock, crust punk and death metal. All these sounds have played a part in shaping their mountain-sized yet memorable sound. When it comes down to it, capturing the right feel and writing killer riffs and songs that stick in your head are what drives them. Having supported the likes of Mastodon and Baroness, Summonus will be bringing their crushing live show to Sydney and Melbourne.

Summonus_promo photo.jpg



In just a few short years Shellfin have cemented themselves as one of Australia's premier rock acts. Their latest album Secondhand Family has “the kind of jams that make you want to go on a desert pilgrimage, all the while nodding your head off-time because you’re too stoned to keep to the beat." Shellfin will be delivering their stoner rock sounds in Brisbane.