Adrift For Days: New Single available for streaming/download, new album out soon

After some smoked-out, psychedelic doom? Apply within.

Australia’s smoked-out, psychedelic doom-droners Adrift for Days are back! Two years after the release of their acclaimed debut The Lunar Maria comes Come Midnight…, an ambitious 71-minute concept album that spans doom, drone, sludge, stoner metal, 70’s psychedelic rock, post-metal and post-rock influences.

So what can people expect from Adrift for Days two years on?  “We’ve retained that smoky, stoner and doom heaviness from The Lunar Maria, but we’ve also expanded our sound beyond that to incorporate new styles, ideas, and influences” explains guitarist and droneslinger Lachlan R. Dale.
“After spending two more years jamming and playing live together, we’re much more comfortable writing songs as an entire band. As a result we’ve been able to explore a lot of different moods and dynamics on Come Midnight… We’ve matured a huge amount and that’s allowed us to draw from a much wider musical palette.”
“The production values have stepped up a lot too. We worked very closely with Tim Carr at Studios 301 for this album. He’s not only a good friend, but also an incredible engineer who has worked with people like Matt Corby, George Pajon (The Black Eyed Peas), Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), INXS, The Herd and The Cat Empire. Importantly he also has a lot of experience working with underground musicians like Dumbsaint, We Lost the Sea, Serious Beak, Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt and kyü. I have the utmost respect for his work, and I think the results really show.”
Adrift for Days' Come Midnight is an epic, drug-tinged, existential journey that draws on the traditions of Earth, Neurosis, Boris, Pink Floyd and Rosetta. This album represents a life-long journey that we all take – whether we realise it or not. Its concept is grounded in an existential search for meaning in a universe that at times can feel pitiless and indifferent.
This is the perfect soundtrack for a nightmarish trek into the depths of your soul. For best results, listen while in the throes of a mescalin binge and lost in the pitiless freeze of the desert night air.

Adrift for Days first single, Back of the Beyond is out now, and available for free download at
Come Midnight… sees its release on 13 July, 2012 through Art As Catharsis.

Adrift for Days will be touring in promotion of their new album during July and August:

Melbourne: 13 July at the John Curtin Hotel. Supports TBC.
Adelaide: 14 July at Enigma Bar w/ Space Bong, Hydromedusa and Leather Messiah.
Sydney: 10 August at the Lansdowne Hotel w/ Space Bong, Summonus and We Lost the Sea.