Adrift for Days mini tour July 2012

Sydney's psychedelic droners Adrift for Days are hitting Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney as part of a mini-tour in support of their new album "Come Midnight..."

Adrift for Days formed in late 2008 in Sydney, Australia. Their debut album The Lunar Maria was released in August 2010 to widespread critical acclaim...

On their latest album Come Midnight... Adrift for Days have retained the smoky, psychedelic, heaviness that they’ve become known for, while also ambitiously expanding their sound. This sprawling album incorporates elements of doom, drone, stoner, sludge, blues, ambience, psychedelic rock, and post-metal. As a result, the album as a whole is hard to pin down to a single style or genre.

Their latest meditation is an ambitious, 71-minute concept album that draws influence from Earth, Jimi Hendrix, YOB, The Doors, Neurosis, Pink Floyd, Rosetta and Boris -- and is currently streaming in full over at Art As Catharsis.

Adrift for Days mini tour July 2012:
Melbourne: 13 July at John Curtin Hotel: Mushroom Giant, Adrift for Days (NSW), Spider Goat Canyon, Roussemoff.
Adelaide: 14 July at Enigma Bar: Space Bong, Adrift for Days (NSW), Hydromedusa, Leather Messiah.
Sydney: 10 August at The Lansdowne Hotel: Space Bong (SA), Adrift for Days, Summonus, We Lost the Sea.