Vildhjarta signs worldwide record deal with Century Media Records

The cooler than cool Swedes are ready to take on the world...

One of the most respected bands in the scene today, Vildhjarta mixes ambient, peaceful moments with brutal and dark music to create some of the most awe inspiring and unique musical output in modern metal.

Hyped since their early days, thanks to short demos that circulated the web amongst fans of groove metal, they have taken more than half a decade to musically advance to a point where their unexpected endeavors leave the listener in a state of blissful confusion. After years of courting, the band now joins forces with metal label giant Century Media and will be unleashing a new full length in the coming months. The band had this to say in regards to the singing:


To check out some previously recorded material, head over to here:

Vildhjarta is:

Daniel Ädel - Vocals
Robert Luciani - Vocals
Daniel Bergström - Guitars
Calle Thomér - Guitars
Jimmie Åkerström - Guitars
Johan Nyberg - Bass
David Lindkvist - Drums