Prescient to Launch 'The Paranomial Framework' EP On January 6th

Perth's Rosemount Hotel is the Venue...

With song structures walking the fine line between being either "insanely technical", or simply "chaotically improvised", Prescient manages to fit into each song a diverse range of feels and sounds, each drawn from a more obscure influence than the last. Composed of three members, Prescient provides an honest, instrumental metal experience aimed at satisfying the hunger of all metal heads alike - be it an appetite for huge soaring choruses, epic screaming guitar solos, jaw breaking heavy metal, blinding speeds of pure thrash, or mind altering time signatures running sixteenths around the standard 4/4 bars (easy now - musically illiterate Ed). If you've kept up so far, and are keen to hear some more, then welcome to Prescient ...
Prescient's  The Polynomial Framework Ep launch at the Rosemount Hotel Jan 6 2012



I am Eternal




Entry is $15 or $25 entry + cd

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