Hunter's Moon Offers Free Album for Download

Head over to the UK label's website for a dozen tracks worth of gratis enjoyment.

UK based record label Hunter’s Moon Records recently celebrated its first anniversary, and as a way of thanking people for their support they have produced a free album, Offerings.

‘The album features twelve tracks from the Hunter’s Moon roster as well as bands from their imprint label Harvest Moon.

Blackthorn-Immortelle For A Hollow Grave
Astel Oscora-Feature Of The  Universe
Drygva-Mother Of Enhydris
Aeon Of Horus-Icon
Neron Kaisar-Enemies
Lethargy-Two Angels
Blackthorn-Gossamer Witchcraft
Neron Kaisar-Malice, Hate And Sorrow
Arcane Grail-Renaissant The Reverie
Broken Mirrors-Strong Enough
Drygva-Festal Song
Lethargy-Step Into Nowhere

Offerings showcases bands covering a variety of genres ranging from female fronted Blackthorn and their gothic-symphonic brand of metal to the almighty Australian death metal band Aeon Of Horus and the majestic black metal of Astel Oscora.

Hunter’s Moon owner Michael Webb says ‘This first year has been phenomenal and we have had the chance to work with some fantastic bands.  Being able to bring new bands to the great metal fans has been a pleasure.  If you thought year one was good wait until you see what we have in store for our second year!’

Hunter’s Moon is now preparing to release some new material with announcements about forthcoming albums due imminently.  This is a great time to catch up on the label, which is why Offerings has beenmade  available.

You can get your free copy of Offerings from: