The Furor 'War Upon Worship' new release

Perth-based black/death metal machine The Furor have released their newest album via Prime Cuts Records

Forming in 2002, The Furor take inspiration from some of metals greats, including the likes of Slayer, Bathory, Darkthrone and more. Two successful albums, Invert Absolute and Advance Australia Warfare, released in '04 and '05 respectively and saw the two-man outfit play alongside some of the giants of the genre, including Behemoth and Destroyer 666

2011’s War Upon Worship album delivers an entirely new level of sonic barbarism, busting open the floodgates of the apocalypse with immense brutality, unrivaled speed and flawless execution!


War Upon Worship Track Listing:

1. Vengeance Upon Golgotha
2. Hammers of Masters
3. Call me Doom!
4. Supreme Righteous Mauling
5. Rebirth Mark
6. Auras of Ice
7. Unholy Supremacy
8. Pain Profound

The Furor's War Upon Worship is out now via Prime Cuts Records