Blotted Science: Jarzombek Reveals All...

...About '12 Tones in Fragmented Rows', that is...

Blotted Science guitarist/mastermind Ron Jarzombek (Watchtower,Terrestrial Exiled, Spastic Ink) has released an instructional video for the song Cretaceous Chasm from the band's The Animation Of Entomology EP which can be viewed at this location .

In it, the guitarist explains the application of the twelve-tone system devised specifically for the writing process of the EP, which will be the subject of a forthcoming DVD, titled Dissecting Bugs.
States Jarzombek: “I’ve been mentioning this ’12-Tones In Fragmented Rows’ system in interviews and it seems that even non-musicians are interested in it, so I put together this video to give listeners some insight on how it all works.  I thought it would be best to break this all down into its most basic theoretical form, and play examples of its use. I chose to post the basic guitar tracks to Cretaceous Chasm because it is the simplest song on the EP and is the easiest to grasp theoretically. The song will also  appear first on my upcoming instructional DVD, Dissecting Bugs, where I will go in-depth with all of the 12-tone theory, and play all guitar parts on all songs from the EP. Things do get a bit complicated when melodies and solos are laid on top of the note groups,  but we’ll get to all of that good stuff on the DVD."  More information about the sample video, including the transcription/tabs, can be found at
The Animation Of Entomology
, which also features the talents of bassist Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal) and drummer Hannes Grossmann (Obscura, Terrestrial Exiled), received its European release via UK-based Basick Records on Tuesday, November 28.  The follow-up to the band's highly acclaimed 2007 The Machinations Of Dementia full-length album was produced and mixed by Ron Jarzombek and recorded in San Antonio, Texas; Tampa, Florida; and V. Santura's (Obscura, Triptykon) Woodshed Studios in Landshut, Germany where the drums were cut. Mastering duties were once again handled by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Destruction) at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark.
Creataceous Chasm video:
Vermicular Asphixiation video:
Ingesting Blattaria video: