Boris announces new collaboration

Boris and Ian Astbury (Vocalist of The Cult) combined to form BXI

Japanese 3-piece Genre Hopping metal band Boris have announced a new collaboration, with Ian Astbury (Vocalist of The Cult) and have been busy recording a new 4-Track EP for their new project Entitled BXI.

BXI will showcase the already unclassifiable rock of Boris in an entirely new style, and shows a new side one of rock and roll's most notorious singers. The release features three new original tracks, as well as a cover of The Cult's song Rain, with the vocals being performed by Boris's Female Guitarist/Vocalist, Wata.

BXI made its debut performance this recent weekend at Boris's second Sydney show at the Opera House for Vivid Live (which i was one of the lucky ones to witness) in which they showed some upcoming material from the EP and from the way it sounded, it is looking likely that this could be something that may see more releases in the future.

BXI will be released in September through Southern Lord, To be available in CD, LP and digital download formats.

"BXI" EP track listing:

01. Teeth and Claws

02. We are the Witches

03. Rain [Cover of "The Cult" Feautring Wata from Boris on Vocals]

04. Magickal Child