White Wizzard begin recording full-length release

Los Angeles based new, young heavy metal act White Wizzard have entered Skimo Studios in Phoenix, Arizona with producer Ralph Patlan (Megadeth, UFO, Michael Schenker) to begin recording their first full-length album.


The as-yet-untitled album is White Wizzard's first full release, and follows on from the recently released High Speed GTO  mini album (read our review of this here), which was recorded with the band's old line-up.


White Wizzard bassist and founding member Jon Leon comments:


"We are headed to Phoenix, Arizona to begin recording our full-length album with producer Ralph "Talladega" Patlan. He earned the nickname Talladega (from the American raceway) from Dave Mustaine of Megadeth when they worked together. He lives up to the name... Ralph is a quick, efficient producer with a great ear and one of the best in the world for recording rock and metal. He has worked with UFO, Michael Schenker and Megadeth to name a few. We will track at his personal studio, "Skimo Studios" in Phoenix and then mix at the legendary Prairie Sun Recording in Northern California, where many huge albums in the last 30 years were cut. 


"I am excited to get into the studio and finally complete an album with the new line-up. I have been in writing mode for the last two months, just putting all the pieces together of lyrics and melodies and trying to create an album that has a good variety of songs. I think we have a great bunch of material to record now, and I look forward to seeing how it all sounds when the record is completed. The goal of White Wizzard is to always stick to our roots of main influences and inspiration, while trying to create our own sound and identity. I am confident this record is going to turn some heads. Some great in-your-face, good times, melodic metal, some epic stuff and some of the crossover hooky stuff that made the mini album so fun too. I am happy with the balance of songs.


"We will post some updates from the studio and we will be filming the entire process. Hoping to have this out early 2010 on Earache Records worldwide and then tour like mad to support it. Should be a great year... Until then, thanks for supporting White Wizzard!!"