Gwar's newie - autographed - now avail for pre-order!

With mere weeks left before the release of Gwar's latest opus, Lust in Space, the anticipation from their rabid fans is continuing to build. Since this is their 25th anniversary, the band has decided to do something that they have never done before: offer autographed copies of their new album.


Quoth lead singer Oderus Urungus, “This task proved especially difficult as several Gwar members can't write, and in fact Flattus didn't even know his own name. Of the 8000 sharpies used in the completion of this task, over 6000 caps were lost, and the remaining markers were promptly rammed up my ass, where they will stay throughout our upcoming Lust in Space tour."


Metal Blade Records has created a Gwar widget which you can find at this location.  The widget includes an MP3 of the new track Let Us Slay, band photos, information about the album, and will soon have upcoming tour dates. Fans can also add the widget to their blogs and networking pages and it will update automatically with new tour dates, music, videos and more.


To pre-order your autographed copy of Gwar's latest masterpiece, set to drop upon your pointy heads Aug. 18th, go to this location.