Blunt Force Trauma – Self-titled demo (unsigned)

On the evidence of this three track demo, five piece Western Australian metal heads Blunt Force Trauma are fighting well above their weight!

Inaugural winners of Metal As Fuck’s Spotlight on Lesser Known Bands, Blunt Force Trauma show here why they garnered so many votes from the metal community.

In the Spotlight: Blunt Force Trauma

Perth band Blunt Force Trauma were the lucky winners of our first lesser-known band spotlight: nominated in, and voted for, by the public. By the sounds of things, if you haven't heard of these guys yet, you probably will soon: they're focused and driven, and working really hard.

I spoke with Damien and Andy – who had been in bands together prior to Blunt Force Trauma, and played several festivals both locally and int

Ast Voldur – Psychoacoustic Trauma Asylum (Demo/Unsigned)

Three piece Aussie black metal/industrial band whose first demo barely hints at what could come. From the opening moment with the tape leader run in (despite being on a cdr!) this EP had me reminiscing about the tape trading days of yore. But damn, the quality has improved since then!

With only five tracks – technically four plus a 20-second intro – Ast Voldur haven’t given the listener much time to get a grip on their very schizophrenic style.

Morbid Angel's David Vincent on the band, the next album, and their upcoming Australian tour.

Early June 09 sees Morbid Angel hitting Australia's shores for the first time in thirteen years. We caught up with Dave Vincent for a chat about the band, their forthcoming album, and, of course, their much-anticipated Aussie tour.


clauz show 20th june east brunswick club

bad ass mother's are back

clauz show sat 20th june @ the east brunswick club the show is a benifit for david browne (ex taramis&clauz) drummer who passed away in early jan this