Scarlet Records

Game Over - Burst Into the Quiet (Scarlet Records)

Release Date: 
23 Jun 2014 (All day)

So, whilst Metal as Fuck’s editor gets the new Overkill album to listen to, my division of the thrash spoils is this – unknown thrash from Italy.

Ethersens - Your Wandering Ghost (Scarlet Records)

Tres bon...
Release Date: 
20 Jan 2014 - 12:30am

French alt-rockers Ethersens latest offering Your Wandering Ghost immediately throws up comparisons with Tool in my mind.

Almah - Unfold (Scarlet Records)

Brazilian progsters with an alternative itch that needs to be scratched...
Release Date: 
25 Nov 2013 (All day)

Brazilian power/prog act Almah are back with a fourth album, Unfold, and, whilst it’s undoubtedly their most accomplished album to date, it’s not a wholly satisfying liste

Tigertailz - Knives (Scarlet Records)

Just an EP, but enough to give a (lipstick) teaser of better things to come...
Release Date: 
22 Oct 2013 (All day)

Welsh glamsters Tigertailz are BACK!!

Angels of Babylon - Thundergod (Scarlet Records)

Release Date: 
18 Jun 2013 (All day)

So, not content with busting eardrums apart worldwide as part of the excellent Death Dealer ‘supergroup’, former Manowar timekeeper Rhino is back

Infinita Symphonia - Infinita Symphonia (Scarlet Records)

Classy stuff indeed!
Release Date: 
18 Jun 2013 (All day)

Wow, yet more symphonic/power/prog metal seeping out of Italy – somebody turn that tap off, it’s flooding the place!

Dark Moor - Ars Musica (Scarlet Records)

Classic stuff from these well-established Spaniards...
Release Date: 
18 Jun 2013 (All day)

Kaboommmm!!!! Yep, that’s the sound triggered in the middle of my cerebral cortex by Ars Musica, Dark Moor’s ninth serving of symphonic power metal.

Kaledon - Altor: The King's Blacksmith (Scarlet Records)

More of the same from these Italian veterans...
Release Date: 
25 Apr 2013 - 11:30pm

Altor... was due originally to be reviewed by our very own power metal champion, Ferrum Templor; but as time dragged on, and the review deadline loomed, it became clear so

DGM - Momentum (Scarlet Records)

High quality prog metal from Italy
Release Date: 
26 Apr 2013 (All day)

Rather shamefully, this is my first contact with Italy’s DGM, despite Momentum being their eighth full-length release.

Heimdall - Aeneid (Scarlet Records)

A good band doing what they do well.
Release Date: 
26 Feb 2013 (All day)

Italian power metal. An industry in itself, you might say.