Rise Above/Riot

Moss - Tombs Of The Blind Drugged (Rise Above/Riot)

Inspired by the shambling zombie Templar Knight priests of the Blind Dead movies, doom metal band Moss drag forth four tracks of clawing, shambling monstrosities of their own, including a Discharge cover.

Remember the days when Type O Negative were still in the throes of hate and Pete Steele wasn’t yet a goth icon/laughing stock?  That moment during U

Church Of Misery- Houses Of The Unholy (Rise Above/Riot)

The Japanese are a strange bunch. They make games about hallucinogen-dependent plumbers, create horrifically violent cartoons and are responsible for 'Takeshi's Castle,' which makes 'Jackass' look like 'Waiting for Godot.' However, they can also fucking annihilate when it comes to doom metal, as Church of Misery prove.

Well, it's late in the evening, inebriation has taken hold, and I cannot be scuttered with a stupid convoluted opening for this review.

Firebird - Grand Union (Rise Above Records/Riot)

Got Rock? Come chill out with Carcass' guitarist Bill Steer's Firebird at their latest Grand Union...

After playing brutal death and grind metal for years, things could get a bit of the same at times.