PRC Music

Doom's Day - The Devil's Eyes (PRC Music)

Up and down, but not bad overall...
Release Date: 
24 Feb 2014 - 11:30pm

Canadians Doom’s Day crash into opening track The Offering like their afterlives depended on it, falling over themselves in a hailstorm of distorted riffage and swirling k

Gorelust: Reign of Lunacy (PRC Music Reissue)

I understand the sentiment - That is about it.
Release Date: 
4 Dec 2012 (All day)

I can’t seem to

Stalwart - The Karma Circle (PRC Music)

Intricate progressive death metal from Russia

The Karma Circle starts off with a short, menacing piano piece, before segueing into something altogether different, although just as sinister, before finally hitting upon a mid-tempo deat