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Uncle Acid and the Dead Beats - Blood Lust (Metal Blade)

Quality tunes on vintage gear...
Release Date: 
20 Nov 2012 - 12:30am

Another example of the joy to be gained from using analogue gear and two part harmonies; Uncle Acid and the Dead Beats bring you Blood Lust, an album of fuzz drenched, mur

As I Lay Dying - Awakened (Metal Blade Records)

We couldn't find anyone to contradict MADman's review of the new AILD opus, but Victoria Anderson loves it even more than our shaven headed-breakdown aficionado... so we let her loose on the office typewriter to tell you about it...
Release Date: 
25 Sep 2012 (All day)

As I Lay Dying celebrated a ten year anniversary last year. Not bad duty for a metal band.

Rob Barrett and Cannibal Corpse: In town soon...

Rob Barrett on the possibility of Corpsefest, set-lists and his secret spicy side-project...

Rob Barrett, one half of Cannibal Corpse’s guitar brutality, is on his back porch in Tampa, Florida; he’s smoking a cigarette and it’s raining he

Six Feet Under - Undead (Metal Blade)

Another release to divide the metal community...
Release Date: 
21 May 2012 - 11:30pm

Six Feet Under have always divided the masses and their latest offering Undead is sure to continue the tradition; death n roll? Groove death? Who knows. Who cares?

A profound chat with Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under

Sweet Kali weed and nude belly dancers. It's a hard life...

A tired and sleepy Albert launches into an in-depth interview with Chris Barnes, vocalist with Six Feet Under. Chris is in Tampa, Florida. He may well be baked.

Job For a Cowboy: Heading Out to the Highway

Get ready for the Metal Alliance!

Arizona death metallers Job For A Cowboy will kick off a five-and-a-half week stretch of North American dates on this year’s Metal Alliance Tour next week.

Cannibal Corpse to headline Summer Slaughter

No confirmed schedule or supports yet, but this is a good start, no?

Kings of death metal Cannibal Corpse will brutalize North America this Summer with headlining spot on the upcoming Summer Slaughter Tour 2012!

Ram - Death (Metal Blade Records)

Heavy metal, heavy metal, just like your fucking brain...
Release Date: 
31 Jan 2012 - 12:30am

This is heavy metal.