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Evile's Ben Carter 'we're not doing anything that any other band isn't'

Evile's hard-hitter Ben Carter (right) talks Jeff Hanneman, Skull, touring and even JLS' break-up!

Thrash metal's latest resurgence has brought forth some of the genres finest bands such as Warbringer, Municipal Waste or England's own Evile. 

The Devastated, The Browning, Fear Factory @ TLA (Philadelphia), 05 May 2012

If you like your music loud, hard, and heavy; The Browning, The Devastated, and Fear Factory gives you loud, hard, and heavy. The TLA was a jam packed headbanging mosh pit frenzy that left the punters dripping with sweat. The Devastated are touring on their 2012 release The Devils Messenger while the Browning are still enjoying success with 2011's Burn This World. Fear Factory introduced one single from June 2012 release The Industrialist. It was a killer night full of metal and mayhem.

"I really like Megadeth, but..." Savage Messiah’s Dave Silver talks in his own voice to Metal as Fuck

He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy. Actually, Dave Silver could be both.

‘The one thing that’s let the band down in the past is this constant comparison to Megadeth.’ Savage Messiah are a very tale

Diamond Plate @ The Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY), 18 October 2011

Chicago gave us Second City Television, the Bears, Sears Tower, deep dish pizza, the meat packing industry, and the Blues Brothers movie. Now the world gets Diamond Plate - another gobsmacking Chicago creation!

Diamond Plate @ Gramercy (New York, NY), 18 October 2011

Male or Female. Young or Old. Hipster. Nerd. Metal Head. Black. White. Hispanic. Asian. Diamond Plate made everyone happy!

Big things are on the horizon for Diamond Plate. The Gramercy show in New York City fell during the CMJ Music Marathon and was chock full of industry photographers, record label, a

New Savage Messiah Album Nears Completion

The UK thrashers head out on tour with Evile this month!

British thrash outfit Savage Messiah is currently in the studio recording its as-yet untitled new album, which is due to be released in early 2012.

Evile's guitarist Ol Drake chews the fat...

Being sick on the van and eating breakfast with thrash legends...

There’s a lot to be said for international phone-calls but when they fuck up, they fuck up on a grand scale.

Earache Offers Entire Catalogue for Free on Spotify

One off, one on!

Earache Records has teamed up with popular music streaming service Spotify to give rockers and metalheads instant access to a huge library of killer tunes, all of

Evile @ Gibson Guitar Studio, London, June 23rd 2011

Metal as Fuck heads along to the playback of Evile's third album, Five Serpent's Teeth, plus a performance by the band themselves. And there's free beer.

It's a typically wet, sunny, hot, overcast, cold summer's day in London as Metal as Fuck photographer for the evening Steve Taphouse and I discuss important life i

Wormrot App for iPhone now available!

Grindcore and consumer technology meet...

Singapore grindcore trio Wormrot recently released their new album, Dirge, and to celebrate, the band have now released the official Wormrot Dirge app for iPhone,