Wednesday 13 - Bloodwork (DR2/Riot)

Bloodwork begins in true Wednesday 13 style as fans familiar with his Frankenstein’s Dragqueens from Planet 13 and Murderdolls bands will recognise: catchy, spooky music with a punk-metal edge. Finishing with a couple of slower, movingly sung, acoustic tracks this album is a great showcase of the talent of the man known as Wednesday 13.

The latest Wednesday 13 EP,

Therapy? - Crooked Timber (DR2/Riot)

I've been a big fan of Therapy? since I discovered Troublegum a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. That album still gets a spin with me every once in a while - it still stands as a great accomplishment. I've enjoyed other Therapy? releases too - Pleasure Death, Nurse, Infernal Love were all dark and raw, almost as good to me as Troublegum.

This band has been working hard for twenty years. They have a reputation for messing about with their style, trying different things.

The Sound Ex - Palomino (DR2/Riot)

If you're after metal, you won't find it with The Sound Ex: it's really just hard rock.


Marshall Law - Razorhead (DR2/Riot)

This isn't a bad release by any means, but it goes for too long - something that is one of its major drawbacks.

These guys have been around a really long time, and they play a style of classic/power metal that is pretty much what you'd expect.